It is quickly becoming our weekly ritual to get up early on Friday mornings and take a jaunt through the farmers market. There are two markets in Leuven, actually, one on Fridays and one on Saturdays. We are under the impression that the Friday market is intended for locals. The prices are better, the atmosphere is more relaxed, and the people largely speak Flemish. The Saturday market is full of people like me, carrying large cameras and speaking English. 

A couple of snapshots from our trip this week:

We purchase all of our veggies, bread, and waffles here at excellent prices. Beautiful, crusty loaves of fresh bread from the boulangerie for 1€. Forest mushrooms for 2€. Potted herbs for 1.50€.

Today we felt particularly special because the gentleman at the boulangerie remembered us and said that he looked forward to seeing us next week. There is something to that, you know. Something to about be recognized, known, acknowledged. It makes an expat happy. 

And then there was the lady standing next to us who applauded our selection of pastries by saying, “Enjoy your Belgian pastries! So much better than Danish.”

The market is overshadowed by the great  KU Leuven Universiteitsbibliotheek, the majesty of which is difficult to capture. Don’t you want to roam the stacks of books?

The library has a history worth reading about here. Since it is open only to university students, I content myself in the plaza, munching on a waffle, meandering through the market stalls, trying to convince Jake that we need more houseplants. 

What ritual are you practicing this Friday?