Today we woke up to pouring rain, per usual, but a surprise came mid-morning: large, fluffy white snowflakes drifted down on us for several hours.

This is the first time in many years that I felt that childish, bubbling joy upon seeing snow. Snow in Chicago meant horrible commutes, scraping the car, shoveling, and high heat bills. Today it meant hot cocoa. Like it did when I was seven.

Jacob and I attacked our projects with renewed vigor while the snowflakes settled on the skylights. I’ve been freelance editing like a madperson, trying to save a few bucks for a coveted juicer. Jacob was working against the clock to finish his final fall semester paper. By late afternoon the snow had ceased and we set out to drop Jacob’s completed paper off at the Philosophy Institute. I strapped on my camera. 

As we walked, I realized that I have never posted photos of the philosophy college of KU Leuven. Known in Flemish as Hoger Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte, or in English as the Philosophy Institute, this is where Jacob spends a great deal of his time. This is where he completed his first semester. Today. Bravo! 

The statue is of Cardinal Mercier, who founded the Institute. The faculty chair is dedicated to him with the tribute, “in which eminent personalities from the philosophical world, for the benefit of teachers and students of the Institute, will present the key results of their research.” You can read the history here.

We traipsed through the slush and celebrated Jacob’s accomplishments with a trip to the grocery store. Yes. It was anti-climactic. In our defense, we were abysmally low on food. Next week we will go out for a recently discovered €5 Vietnamese lunch at Loempia Land. It is a joy to eat cheap fried egg rolls in an establishment named something homonymous with “lumpy land”. It is the stuff of celebration.

 An abandoned umbrella. Must not have been a match for today's wet, heavy precipitation. It looked dejected and poetic.

An abandoned umbrella. Must not have been a match for today’s wet, heavy precipitation. It looked dejected and poetic.

Friday, January 15 was a beautiful day to live in Leuven. Is it a beautiful day where you are?