Flight back to Belgium. Stopover in Dublin.

Flight back to Belgium. Stopover in Dublin.

“Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.”
— Frederick Buechner

I love the idea of New Year resolutions, but I don’t usually make them, because I don’t usually keep them. I absolutely admire those who make (and keep) resolutions.

Instead of making resolutions, I choose a word: a single word that provides some focus and clarity for the year ahead. It may be a word that comes to me in prayer or a word spoken by a friend.

In 2015, the word was flourish. That year brought me to a place of spiritual and physical healing. It saw me adopting new faith practices and expanding my view of God. It moved me from the US to Belgium. It launched my freelance copy editing career.

In 2016, the word was discern. Hardly past, 2016 enlarged my vision for life in Belgium. It saw the beginning of my studies at KU Leuven and brought me into the Anglican Communion, unfolding my process of discernment for ordination.

Now 2017. The word is journey. I hesitated to embrace this word. “Journey” fits this season, but it is cliché and overused and tired. I dislike tired words. But “journey” came to me as though it were spoken out loud, sparkling and arresting my attention. Journey. Beautiful things will happen. Terrible things will happen. Move forward. Take courage. Say yes.