C.S. Lewis said that we read to know that we are not alone.

Here, we write for the same reason.

Meghan Bolger is passionate about family, friends, food, and foreign languages and culture. She plans to major in Counseling at Moody Bible in the near future. She splits her time between family in New York, Virginia, and Illinois and finds joy in deeply serving her loved ones.

Andrea Stimmel majored in communication studies with an urban ministry emphasis at Moody Bible Institute. She enjoys processing through the adventures and curiosities of being a student, a dreamer, a daughter, a redeemed sinner undergoing sanctification, and an artist through the craft of writing and photography. This California girl’s interests include music, fashion, photography, writing, reading, fireworks, social justice, and In-n-Out. She plans on pursuing her masters in journalism. Find her regular blogging at:http://californiatochicago.blogspot.com/

Jacob Quick majored in philosophical theology at Moody Bible Institute. Jacob enjoys discussing and living out his philosophy and theology with his beautiful wife, Annie. His various interests include football, movies of all genres, metalcore, Mexican food, guitar, reading, teaching and following diverse blogs. He plans on pursuing his M.A. in Philosophy at Northern Illinois University after graduating from Moody. Find him regularly blogging at: http://unforeseenethics.wordpress.com/

Annie Bolger Quick is a recent graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a B.A. in Applied Linguistics and a certificate in TESOL. She is currently employed by the Institute and is enjoying the journey of being a wife, writer, patient, and student. Her long-term goals include graduate studies in spiritual formation and clinical psychology.